In My Wildest Coloring Books

Hi, my name is Peri and I hope you enjoy my drawings.  I started drawing them for my sons, Bret and Flynn.  The ideas come from my imagination and from kids asking me things like, "Can you draw a two-headed snake?"  I enjoy drawing, gardening, cooking, nature and hanging out with my cats Lily and Cosmo, and our dog Merrie. 

Hi, my name is Lee and like most nights, Bret and Flynn my sons, asked me to read them a story.  I was tired of reading the same stories so I created the Bloops.  The Bloops are small space aliens that are incredibly smart and have a good sense of humor.  My sons enjoyed the Bloops stories and I hope you will too. 

The Bloops Adventure Series

Coming this fall. (Illustrated by Peri Kuhl)